Welcome to JFMG’s Event Pages for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. We hope they will provide you with all the information you need when applying for frequencies for this year’s event. We also hope to provide you with up-to-date information regarding spectrum availability and demand.

We will be attending Wimbledon for a limited period during the event. Dates are to be confirmed.

Spectrum issues:

When applying for frequencies we would strongly advise customers to apply for those that we manage on a day to day basis. Take a look at the “Your Frequencies” page for full details of what this includes. We will try our best to accomodate all frequency requests within this spectrum, however if we have insufficient channels to satisfy demand we will seek special authorisation to use spectrum owned by another user.

Some requests include frequencies which JFMG do not manage. This means that we have to apply for authorisation from the spectrum owners via Ofcom. This process can make the licensing process more complicated and time consuming. We would therefore again advise customers to see if they could operate their equipment on those frequencies we do have direct access to.

TV Bands (470 – 862 MHz)

The most popular bands for presenter’s microphone’s and communications is 470MHz to 862MHz. It is currently used for broadcasting, but where a particular channel is not being used for television transmission it can be used by PMSE.

Channels 35 (582 – 590 MHz) and Ch 39-68 (614 – 854 MHz) are available for indoor/outdoor use.

Other things to note

Construction of the Centre Court Roof continues so this may influence the position of antennas.

The Broadcaster’s Compound is a hot spot for inter-mods. Therfore it is vital to quote the location of your transmission equipment within the site.

2008 will be the final year where Vision Links at 2.4 – 2.68GHz will be available. This band will be auctioned some time during 2008.

CATV System – can normally be disregarded

Wimbledon will be a BBC HD Event so additional frequencies may be required this year. This could lead to capacity issues in some bands.