Major Events

British F1 Grand Prix

From time to time, there are events where the demand for frequencies is likely to be very high. For example, the British F1 Grand Prix or Cheltenham Festival where there are many different users on site and demand is expected to exceed our usual supply. Under these circumstances, our event planning procedures come into play so that, instead of frequencies being assigned as soon as possible after they are received, requests are held until the overall demand is clearer. This allows the best possible use of our own spectrum and the opportunity to borrow spectrum from other radio sectors.

Applications for Major Events are acknowledged and a target date for issuing assignments advised (usually no later than 4 weeks before the event). Our coordinators then design a frequency plan which aims to match users’ requirements to the limited frequency resources available with the minimum risk of interference. This may mean that it is not possible to assign the exact frequencies requested or even the number of frequencies requested. Late applications are handled in the usual first-come, first served basis but, of course, it may not always be possible to meet all the requests.

Our advice for customers wishing to operate at such events is to submit your requests in plenty of time to be included in the initial plan, and ensure that, if possible, your equipment is flexible in terms of frequency and power. In this way, we can ensure that detailed radio frequency planning of the event can take place. Please note that where demand is high, it may not be possible for a customer to be assigned all the frequencies requested.

Other events may attract fewer users but put considerable strain on our spectrum and require careful planning. In order to plan the use of frequencies as effectively as possible, applications may be held until a fuller picture of likely spectrum demand emerges.