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More frequencies available online

We continue to expand the range of frequencies available for customers to book online. This month we are happy to announce:
1) The addition of wireless camera channels in the 2025 – 2110 MHz band
2) The introduction of wireless camera channels in the 7110 – 7250 MHz band
3) The addition of camera control channel 473.250 MHz

Measuring up the 2012 white spaces

Now that Ofcom has released information on the shape and size of white space spectrum for wireless microphones, we can explore some of the key issues facing the industry:

ill there be enough spectrum?

How usable will it be?

What do the maps and online tool mean?

Is there a threat from cognitive radio?

The new edition of JFMG News is now available.

In this issue:

  • New horizon emerges from the mist
  • Spotlight now on Wireless Cameras
  • The Who – we Won’t Get Fooled Again!
  • On-line Toolkit – takes off
  • New JFMG Website

White Space revealed…

Today sees the publication of “Access to interleaved spectrum for programme-making and special events after digital switchover”. The document is intended to clarify the spectrum available for use by wireless microphones after completion of Switchover (2012). The information is presented in the document using maps detailing availability throughout the UK.

Major Events programme

Every year we successfully coordinate and licence thousands of frequencies for use at special events, most of which are dealt with on a first come first served basis. However every January we identify a number of forthcoming events that need to be treated differently to ensure their smooth completion.
We call these events “Major Events”. This means that we allocate specific event coordinators to each and encourage prospective customers to send in requests for frequencies well in advance. Once we receive applications we produce a spectrum plan that will aim to accommodate all of our customers’ requirements. For more information on this approach visit our Major Events page .

The 2008 Major Events list has now been finalised and published on our website. We will be assigning dedicated coordinators for each event in the very near future. So if your event is on our list please visit again in the next couple of weeks to find out who will be looking after your applications.

Digital Dividend – Spectrum price crucial to success of PMSE band manager

The Digital Dividend statement may have been published in December, but the debate regarding its content continues.

Contributing to Policy Tracker’s article “Ofcom sticks to market principles but throws in a few surprises”, JFMG’s MD, Paul Gill said:

“[Ofcom’s proposals] appear to be a workable framework for a smooth transition. However, the crucial next step is setting the level of pricing for the spectrum, and this won’t be known until an information memorandum is published in Autumn 2008.”

Gill says:

“provided that the current revenues and price sensitivities are considered carefully when setting AIP (Administered Incentive Pricing) then there is a viable solution for a PMSE aligned band manager”. He adds that “JFMG has the technical and managerial abilities to become the band manager for the digital era.”

Paul will also be contributing to the wider discussion on 5th March when he will be speaking at the Policy Tracker European Digital Dividend conference in Brussels.