How to Apply

Apply online

You can currently buy the following online:

  • Book Temporary use of UHF Wireless Microphones and monitors between 470 – 854 MHz
  • Book Temporary use of Talkback in 455/468, 457/467 and 461/468 MHz
  • Book Temporary use of Wireless Cameras in: 2025-2110, 2200-2300MHz, 3400-3440 and 3500-3580MHz
  • Buy VHF and UHF Shared Wireless Microphone licences and renewals
  • Buy Carnets
  • Renew your existing licence
    [Please Note: Major Events cannot be booked online]

What are the benefits of booking online?

Online is instant. You can register immediately and book available frequencies there and then – You don’t have to wait for JFMG to process your job!

The system automatically coordinates your requirements with other users and uses

It is available 24/7

Apply via the office

We have a number of application forms available, customised to suit the majority of our customers needs. To use these forms, please do the following.

1. Select the form that most closely suits your needs either by choosing your equipment type or type of use.

2. Download the form and complete it with as much detail as you can. An incomplete form can delay the processing of your application.

Please note it is the user of the equipment who must hold the licence, not the supplier. The only exception to this rule is Shared Wireless Mics, when licenced for hiring out.

3. Fax, e-mail or post the form to the address given.

  • We will process your application within 5 working days.
  • When your application has been processed we will fax or e-mail your licence.
  • All customers will also receive a copy of their annual licence documents by post.