About Us

What are we?

We are a spectrum management company. We are privately owned and independent of the UK’s regulator Ofcom. We have been successfully managing radio spectrum since 1997 for the UK Radiocommunications Agency and now Ofcom

What do we do?

We specialise in providing access to spectrum that is essential for mobility in broadcast production, entertainment and related activities. We understand the dynamic broadcasting and entertainment industry and aim to provide a responsive service that helps you to get the show out on time. We are responsible for the day-to-day management of frequency bands from 48 MHz to 48 GHz which fully encompasses the most sought-after part of the radio spectrum.
What does the task involve?

We provide spectrum for a diverse range of equipment from low power wireless microphones to high-definition digital wireless cameras. We cater for a wide range of very different users and requirements including broadcast production for TV and radio, theatre, live music and other entertainment, movie films, conferences and corporate events, motorsport teams, public address. We carefully coordinate all programme making use of our own and borrowed-in spectrum at major annual sporting events such as F1 Grand Prix, Wimbledon, The Open golf Championship, The Cheltenham Festival and FA Cup final. We also tackle other major events of national interest such as The Commonwealth Games, Live 8, Ryder Cup, Queen’s Jubilee, Champions’ League Final. We facilitate sharing of spectrum with other users including TV broadcasting, Ministry of Defence, other Government users, radio astronomy etc. Sharing is essential to meet the demand out of a limited supply of spectrum.

How do we do it?

Our team includes a unique balance of hands-on knowledge and experience from the industry coupled with specialist spectrum management skills. Our licensing and frequency management database is a fully-bespoke IT system to suit our own unique requirements and is integrated with our website for on-line licensing. We have developed sophisticated mapping tools to support sharing of spectrum with other users. We provide customers with on-line access to their account to check on progress with latest applications, download licences or a list of previous transactions. We are committed to our quality management system which covers all of our licensing and frequency management procedures.